The A/c Guy of ATX”?

The The A/c Guy of ATX is a locally owned and operated business serving the Austin Metro area.

Jeromy Is A Second Generation HVAC Technician Learning From His Father Who Owned Their Family Business Since The 1980’S. His father taught him that customer satisfaction, respect for your customers and your business is the key to a successful business.Taking over the company in 1994, he’s kept true to the same values. Now 25+ years later he has taught his son, Anthony, the same values and they together have chosen to broaden their knowledge to help even more fellow austinites

Relief is on the way!

Meet Our Team

The whole family is here to help

Jeromy Tolleson


Jeromy is a second generation HVAC technician. Comes from a family of stone masons and builders around the Austin area for generations. Jeromy’s family has been in the construction business since the early 1900’s. Father is a retired master HVAC technician as well as retired Navy diver. Jeromy studied HVAC formally from ACC Riverside. He has worked with multiple companies consulting on zone systems and heat pump efficiencies.

Emily Tolleson


Emily has been a dog groomer in the Austin area for 8 years. She has a passion for all
animals and has learned a lot about small business while helping run the mobile
company she's worked for. Marrying Anthony in November of 2017, they have happily
started a family and Emily has decided to step away from the grooming industry and
join the family business of The A/c Guy of ATX.

Anthony Tolleson


We are proud to have three generations of HVAC technicians. Anthony started riding the truck with his dad around the age of 8 years old. Although his passion is in auto mechanics he now has his own truck and crew. You can be assured the A/C Guy of ATX will be around for years to come.



Daughter of Jeromy. Married in 2014, graduated 2015 from Concordia University with a bachelor’s in education, and had her beautiful daughter in April 2016. Being around air conditioning and heating her whole life, made it easy when stepping into help with the day-to-day office duties. Angela has been working in the office since 2006.